Quería daros la enhorabuena por el magnífico trabajo realizado en los 3 grupos de Repsol Perú. Sinceramente tanto para el equipo como para mí, ha sido un placer el compartir este mes con vosotros, habéis hecho que todo lo difícil fuera fácil. Habéis cubierto unas expectativas muy altas. ¡Muchas gracias! Os hago partícipes del agradecimiento transmitido por Repsol. (I wanted to congratulate you for the great job you did with our three Repsol groups in Peru. Honestly, for the team and for me, it has been a great pleasure to share this last month with you. You made all the hard look easy. You guys have met very, very high expectations! And, on behalf of Repsol, I want to thank you for the great job you did!)


I would like to thank all the people from A&K that helped to make this incentive trip a real success… Everything worked out exactly the way we planned it and there is nothing that should have been done differently. Our client was very happy during the whole time and the atmosphere/spirit among the participants was overwhelming.

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