Sri Lanka, has been an attractive island for events and weddings for years, thanks to its convenient geographic location. These days, the country is booming economically and so is becoming ever more popular with traders / vendors and those looking to hold events. 

  • Centrally located exhibition venues in most prominent trade zones across the country
  • Assistance in setting up and wrapping up of the venue based on your requirement
  • Flexibility in customizing almost everything possible to suit your requirements
  • Assistance in reaching the target audience
  • Publicity of the event via public media, social media and all available sources
  • Ability in creating unique experiences through our insider access
  • Pre-event inspections  / Recce trips
  • Assistance in venue selection
  • Creative theme ideas
  • Venue set-up and entertainment including lights & sounds
  • Assistance in food and beverage selection
  • Pre / Post event accommodation and transportation arrangements
  • Party favors


As well as events, we are also able to assist with Weddings:

  • Traditional ceremony and rituals
  • Legal registration and certificate
  • Wedding cake structure
  • Wedding attire and flowers for the Bride & Groom
  • Venue set-up and entertainment
  • Blessing by a religious priest after the ceremony
  • Wedding favors for the guests
  • Wedding car and guest transport arrangements
  • Pre / Post wedding accommodation arrangements
  • Honeymoon arrangements and romantic meal set-up

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